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What Everyone Else Got Wrong
About Weight Gain In America…
And What To Do About It

This New Clinically-Studied Solution For Weight Loss Is The Answer To Ugly, Unwanted Mid-Life Weight Gain

My name is Dr. Mark Rosenberg, and I have to admit – after twenty years of treating thousands of patients in the ER and in my clinic, I was surprised to learn that almost everything we know about weight management is wrong.

Yet we recently made a significant scientific breakthrough and identified the cellular condition that leads to uncontrollable mid-life weight gain, fatigue, and discomfort.

It’s something that’s wrong on the inside, and since no one has known about it, doctors haven’t been looking for it

Sometimes, it gets diagnosed as hypothyroidism, sometimes they simply give up and call it “aging.”

But We’ve Now Discovered The Root Cause Of Weight Gain…

…and it has nothing to do with eating too many carbohydrates, too much sugar, “calories in, calories out”… or any of the other things we’ve been told.

Instead, it has everything to do with a single cellular pathway that has only recently been discovered.

And what’s exciting is that the same research that points to this real root cause of weight gain, also points to a remarkable solution.

I remember being very skeptical when we began to trial this solution at my clinic. But when the results came in, even I was surprised at how effective it was

And needless to say, my patients were completely ecstatic that I’d turned them onto something that had worked when everything else had failed them.

They’d report back, bursting with the energy of their youth and upbeat moods… even those in their seventies and eighties.

They’d tell me how their family physicians were shocked to see their trim new bodies and their healthy blood sugar levels. More than one told me that their doctor asked them what their secret was!

And quite a few patients – including a young, 38-year old woman who’d seen five doctors before she came to me – told me that I saved their lives.

And now that I’ve seen not just the research, but also the undeniable results… in patients who I’ve cared for, and who I deeply care for… I knew I had to come forward.

I knew it’s my duty as a doctor to make this available to you.

Even if you think you’ve seen it all before, trust me…

This breakthrough is like nothing that’s come before it.

Want proof?

Study After Study Shows How This Breakthrough Helps You Regain The Slim, Slender, And Sexy Figure Of Your Youth… Without Diet Or Exercise Needed!

Let’s jump right in:

  • Study participants lost an average of 5 pounds and 3.6% body fat WITHOUT diet and exercise...1
  • Study participants had a 5.34% reduction in waistlines without eating less or jumping up and down in front of the TV each morning…
  • Study participants’ cravings were crushed… leading to a 25% drop in the amount of calories consumed…
  • Study participants’ BMI dropped from 31.5 to 27.4, and they lost significant amounts of belly fat.

All WITHOUT Eating Less
Or Working Out More...

But that’s just the start of it.

Because this shocking breakthrough can also boost energy, improve digestion, and improve other blood markers.


Because it targets the root cause of middle-age weight gain: the cellular “switch” that controls your metabolism.

So it’s like your whole body gets a “metabolism reboot” – and starts working like it did when you were a kid.

I haven’t been this excited about a treatment in years.

Because as a top Cellular Wellness and Longevity Doctor, it’s clear that weight issues put a person at a much greater likelihood of developing a fatal disease…

Everything from type 2 diabetes, to a sudden, life-ending stroke, to cancer in the kidney, colon, breast, and liver…

Along with the damaged quality of life in the form of lower energy, depressed feelings, fogginess, discomfort…

So to have one simple solution tackle all that by addressing the root cause of weight gain...It’s simply miraculous.

And when my patients restore their slender bodies, not only does it make their friends green with envy…

…not only does it make their husbands, boyfriends, and lovers go wild over them…

…it helps them radiate a confidence and health they thought they’d never feel again.

This Treatment Works By “Resetting” Your Metabolism To Run Like It Did When You Were Young

If you were to come into my office for a consult, here’s how I would explain it to you:

Every time you sit down to eat, most of the food you put into your body is converted into a sugar called glucose.

And then your cells convert that glucose into energy, which gets burned up.

Here’s the problem:

If you eat too much food, too consistently

…then your body gets flooded with extra glucose – excess energy that you can’t even use.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting…

Your cells detect all the extra sugar floating through your blood and say to themselves: 

“OK... we have enough energy for now, so let’s store the rest away for later on.”

So your cells - thinking they’re doing you a favor - store all that glucose away in the shape of - you guessed it - FAT.

Fat - Which Forms As Extra Padding On Your Belly, Hips, Thighs, Arms, And Butt...

Thousands of years ago, this was all well and good. 

For your ancient ancestors, eating was feast or famine.

Sometimes, they would go days without a big meal.

So this stored fat helped them survive during times of famine.

In fact, when food did present itself, it would have been downright stupid of them to “exercise willpower” and “count their calories.”

Yet every time you try to do the same, you’re fighting millions of years of biological programming… eating habits that are hard-coded in your DNA!

Next time you have a hard time saying “no” to a big delicious Italian meal, just remember - you’re trying to resist something that your body has evolved to crave

That’s why I always tell my patients:

Overeating Is Not Your Fault!

Yes, “big food” has basically hijacked your taste buds.

They spend millions of dollars - every year - trying to make their food tastier and more addictive.

There are people whose job it is to design the salty joy of a Ritz Crisp or the sweet pleasure of that latest ice cream flavor, so you and I can’t resist them!

The end result?

You eat way more calories than your ancient ancestors.

(In fact, you currently get about 20% more calories than you would have in the 1970’s2 - just forty-some years ago).

When you eat this much, this often, it’s the metabolic equivalent of running your car’s engine at the redline.

If you do it all the time, it’s going to damage the engine.

And this overnutrition is not only making our country obese, but it’s leading to diabetes, heart disease, and early death.3

It all happens because…

Years Of Overeating Damages Your Body’s
“Metabolic Master Switch”

You see, your body has an internal ON/OFF button that tells it whether it should be in fat-storing mode or fat-gaining mode.

This little enzyme exists in every cell in your body, and it’s called AMPK.

When AMPK is turned OFF, it throws the body into fat-storing mode.

A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips, right? Well, you have AMPK to thank for that. 

And years or decades of overeating turns AMPK off.

Your body, flush with calories, sends a message to this little Metabolic Master Switch:

“Hey AMPK, I don’t need your help, because I always have enough food. So you can chill out and relax.”

And voila: weight that you just can’t lose.


Once This Metabolic Master Switch Is Turned Off, It’s Darn Near Impossible To Kickstart It!



Yeah right…

If your AMPK is turned off, then your body will actually resist most efforts to lose weight.

So until now, the only way to “wake up” your AMPK was to basically put your body into “emergency” mode.

Option 1?

Severe calorie restriction, for one to three months.

That forces your body to think that it’s “feast or famine” time again, and slowly reignites your AMPK.

Then you’ve got Option 2: frequent, high-intensity interval training.

For example, 30 minutes of sprinting on the treadmill, 3-4 times a week.

That sort of “short burst” intensity requires huge amounts of energy – and fast – so your AMPK has to come back online to support it.

But thanks to a recent breakthrough, we now have a third option.

And it simply couldn’t be easier.

REVEALED: How To Flip ON Your ‘Metabolic Light Switch’ And Melt Fat From Your Body
Like Butter On A Hot Skillet

Imagine eating all the carbs you want for lunch... then slipping on a sexy backless dress, ready for a steamy date night.

Imagine working out only when you feel like it... and spending a day at the beach without being conscious of your belly or your butt.

Imagine saying “Yes please!” to that dessert... and staring in the mirror as you slip on those new skinny jeans.

Listen. It’s amazing because it’s true.

Without drugs. Without surgery. Without harsh regimens. Without depriving yourself.

The secret?

A Natural Compound That
Flips AMPK Back On
And Melts Away Fat FOR You!

Now please understand: I’m no newbie to weight loss fads. 

Whether it’s garcinia, Paleo, Atkins, even the popular Keto diet… I’ve seen and researched them all. 

Yet, as you might imagine, this time around, the science grabbed my attention. 

One trial showed obese patients taking 1500mg of this natural compound every day lost an average of 3.6 pounds without diet or exercise4

… and another noted a 5.34% reduction in the waistlines of test subjects with metabolic syndrome when they took 900mg of the same natural compound!

What is this amazing, metabolism-relighting, plant-derived alkaloid? It’s called... Berberine.


Berberine is extracted from plants such as goldenseal root, barberry bark, and Oregon grape root.

And the evidence is startling: this magic nutrient ‘re-activates’ the AMPK in our cells.6

It’s been used for decades in China to soothe upset guts, yet, in the past few years, the research has exploded...

For example, there are certain genes that, when triggered, can slow down your metabolism, and cause the body to pile on fat.

Yet one study showed how Berberine forces metabolism-slowing genes into a headlock - blocking their ability to ruin your waistline.7

And another study turned chubby, couch-potato rats into athletic hard bodies by dosing them with berberine.8

And These Exciting Studies
Are Just Scratching The Surface...

  • In a 12-week-long study, overweight men and women were given 500 mg of berberine 3 times a day... lost an average of 5 pounds, and 3.6% of their body fat.9
  • The second study was for 3 months, during which 37 overweight individuals were given 300 mg of berberine 3 times per day. These patients saw their body mass index drop from 31.5 to 27.4, losing significant amounts of belly fat.10

Bottom line?

Berberine Resets,
Restores And Relights
Your Metabolic Master Switch...

By flipping “ON” your AMPK, it commands each cell to burn more fat and flush out that blood sugar. 

As the Natural Medicine Journal states:

“…activating AMPK can produce the same benefits as exercise and dieting on weight loss. One way to appreciate berberine's potential is to think of it as having the same effect on a patient as increasing exercise while at the same time restricting calorie intake.

And while there’s absolutely no substitute for diet and exercise…

You Could Say Berberine
Is Like “Exercise In A Pill”

The beauty and fitness bloggers are starting to write about it, and it won’t be long before it shows up in magazines like Self and Men’s Health.

This amazing new fat loss discovery doesn’t just help your body melt a few pounds… 

… it gets right to the root cause of mid-life weight gain and FIXES IT FAST. 

You may never have to worry about piling on the pounds again.

Let me tell you if you want to start dropping pounds of fat fast…

… shrinking your belly and revealing the lean, sexy definition you haven’t seen in years…

… removing stubborn fat from your neck, chin, and cheeks (making you look and feel years younger)…

… toning your arms and finally being able to show them off on the beach...

It doesn’t matter if you’re 35 or 65…

It doesn’t even matter how much fat you have to lose. 

10… 30… even 60 or more pounds.

Regardless of your situation, this Berberine-powered formula is scientifically proven to work.

And with the team at Sun Coast Sciences, we’ve made Berberine the foundation of a fat-burning fix like no other.


The Plant-Based Solution
That LIGHTS UP Your Metabolism

We chose the name AMPAlive for this special formula because it literally revives levels of AMPK…

… turning your metabolic master switch back ON.

And it’s already working for people just like you. 

I’ve been battling a glucose level of 120 for several years and I eat very little with sugar! I started taking AMPALive several months ago and after the first two months, my glucose dropped to 74 and 78. The 74 result was after fasting and the 78 was without fasting. I no longer experience an occasional shakiness between meals or lightheadedness with sweets. I feel so much better overall since using AMPAlive and can’t imagine not having it as a part of my daily supplemental intake. Great product!

-- Marlene H

When AMPAlive was first available, I jumped at the chance to take it. Since then my energy has even increased and my weight has decreased. I would highly recommend it.

-- Sharon M

Love it! Lost weight, feel great!

-- Lori

It works so well, in fact, you could see a slimmer, sexier, healthier YOU in just days from now.

First off, you may begin to feel happier, more energetic...

And as you step on that scale, as you look in the mirror, you’ll start noticing changes…. Good changes...

You’ll start pulling clothes you used to look great in out of the closet, smiling to yourself as you try them on again.

Your friends will start to notice the little things...

Then the compliments from total strangers start coming in. Then the invitations and dates...

Women have told me a whole new life, a whole way of living opens for them. For the first time in a long time, maybe in their entire life...

They Look And Feel Beautiful...

The outside matches the inner health inside.

You’ll get all of the benefits of AMPAlive with just two small, vegetarian capsules, taken with your first two meals of the day.

Yet, I wanted to make AMPAlive a complete fat loss solution, and not rely on only one powerful ingredient.

That’s why Berberine forms the foundation of a totally unique fat loss formula. 

And it continues with…

Weight Loss Superhero 2:
Chromium Picolinate

With Chromium Picolinate, you don’t have to ‘force’ yourself to avoid your favorite foods because it neutralizes out-of-control cravings BEFORE they even start. 

That smell of buttery popcorn, that mouth-watering allure of chocolate cake, that urge to get a triple venti mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream on top…

…with Chromium Picolinate, it’s so much easier to resist the temptations that Big Food’s scientists have cooked up!

In one 8-week study, Chromium Picolinate lowered food intake and crushed the cravings and hunger pangs in overweight women.12

Another study showed that it reduced carbohydrate intake by a full 25%13... blocking those calories from reaching your waistline and snuffing out your metabolic fire. 

Imagine saying “no thanks” to 25% of the food that was put in front of you.

That’s 25% fewer calories overloading your AMPK…

25% fewer calories being converted into glucose…

And 25% fewer calories going to your waistline!

But how does Chromium Picolinate work?

Well, no one is exactly sure which pathway it regulates, but in an 8-week study. 113 people suffering from depression were given Chromium Picolinate, and even they had reduced food cravings.14

So we believe that it puts a big orange roadblock in front of the emotional triggers which cause cravings in the first place.

With Chromium Picolinate, we’re tackling over-eating… head-on.

Then, we round out our weight loss superformula with...

Flab Fighting Nutrient #3: Gymnema

Gymnema, and its original Hindi name – gurmar – means “sugar destroyer.”

Eastern Ayurvedic doctors have been using it for centuries, to treat blood sugar and weight problems.

You see, Gymnema molecules “look like” sugar molecules to your body, so they “bind” to sugar receptors in your mouth and small intestine.

And when that happens, those receptors reject real sugar, so your body doesn’t process it… 

You don’t get the insulin spike… 

And your cells don’t get the “time to store calories” message!

For example, one recent study showed that – over a twelve-week period – overweight people who took Gymnema lost an average of 7.49 pounds!

(And the “placebo group” who didn’t take the Gymnema gained about 3 extra pounds over that same twelve weeks.)

It’s A 1-2-3 Knockout Punch To Unwanted Mid-Life Weight Gain

One: You’ll eat fewer calories, thanks to Chromium Picolinate.

Two: You’ll be less affected by sugar and carbs, thanks to Gymnema.

Three: Your AMPK will come roaring back to life, thanks to Berberine.

Are you starting to see why this trademarked formula can be so effective?

Are you starting to see why you should be taking this formula daily?

It shuts all the doors to unwanted, mid-life weight gain.

It does the hard work for you… 

So you don’t have to worry about using willpower to eat fewer calories…

Or painfully struggling to reduce your sugar intake.

This Combination Of Ingredients Is
Something That No One Has Ever Seen Before…

…and that’s why I believe the results have been so unprecedented.

My lab immediately began to formulate this blend, and when we gave it to volunteers, the results were like nothing I’d ever seen before.

It was as if we’d taken the effects of Berberine, and amplified them by a factor of ten.

Test subjects were losing slabs of fat, and feeling better than they had in decades. 

“It’s not just the weight,” one of them told me… “it’s like my whole body woke up and just started working again! I haven’t had this much energy in years, and all of my friends in the block association want to know what Doc Rosenberg has me on!”

Have A Look At Your Calendar, About Four Weeks From Now...

That time is going to go by in a flash… 

And in just 28 days, you could be fitting into old clothes, feeling confident and happy when you look in the mirror, and hearing friends gushing about the slimmer, more energetic you.

That’s because AMPAlive can get your cellular weight management machinery working like it’s supposed to…

…and reverse years or even decades of the consequences of low AMPK.

And it doesn’t require any medical interventions… any visits to an expensive lab… any needles or procedures…

No, you’ll get all of the benefits of AMPAlive with just two small, vegetarian capsules, taken with your first two meals of the day.

While AMPAlive is not a substitute for diet or exercise, it is truly the closest thing that exists to “exercise in a pill.” 

That’s why I’m confident that your double-take moment is just around the corner…

When you walk by the mirror and catch yourself.

You’re wearing those clothes you never thought you’d fit in… the ones you’d been holding onto out of hope, but maybe there was that nagging voice that said “the days of wearing these are behind you.”

Except they’re not...

With AMPAlive, Your Best Days Are Ahead

And that’s when you realize that the real you is back… that you’ve quite literally started to turn back your metabolic clock.

In fact, there’s something that we haven’t even discussed yet… something that has my anti-aging colleagues and me abuzz with excitement.

When you activate your AMPK, not only do you get all the weight management benefits…

…but it can actually fix cellular damage.

You see, each and every cell in your body contains mitochondria… think of them as your “cellular engines,” where glucose and oxygen are combined and turned into energy.

Over time, though, these engines get clogged up and damaged. It’s a natural part of the aging process… just like your car’s engine stops working as well when you hit 60, 70 or 80,0000 miles.

And when your mitochondria break down, well… everything breaks down

Sure, you start gaining weight.

But you also start feeling really lousy. You get tired and foggy, no matter how many cups of coffee you chug. You get sick more often. Your skin gets cloudy and splotchy.

You’d expect those sort of things to happen if the powerplants in your cells were breaking down, wouldn’t you?

They’re the surest signs of aging, and for years, we at the American Academy of Anti-Aging have been asking ourselves how we can repair our mitochondria. And would ‘t you know it…

AMPK Can “Fix” Mitochondria Damage In Cells!

>Yes, AMPK promotes a cellular process called “mitophagy” – when damaged mitochondria are broken down and replaced with fresh new versions of themselves.

>Imagine if you took your car into the dealership, and they didn’t just do an oil change… they gave you a brand new engine!

>That’s exactly what increased levels of AMPK can do for your age-damaged cells. 

>So it’s not just your waistline that benefits… it’s your heart, your brain, your liver, your skin, and your whole life.

>And that’s why I believe AMPAlive isn’t just helping people defeat Anabolistic Disorder and lose the weight they hate…

>…it’s got them feeling and looking ten, twenty, or thirty years younger.

>Their eyes sparkling, their skin radiant and clear, their stride confident and full of energy.

>Afternoon naps become a thing of the past.

>Moods and spirits lift as if some divine hand was reaching in and giving them a push. Patients tell me…

“I Haven’t Felt This Good In Years!”

And you’ll feel these effects immediately… because AMPAlive literally reprograms and transforms your cells, from the inside, out.

That’s why you simply can’t compare this lab-tested formula to anything that’s come before it.

It’s far from a grocery-store weight loss supplement. 

Those are typically packed with dangerous stimulants that make you jittery and anxious… and can have seriously bad long-term effects on your heart and your metabolism.

Speaking of which, AMPAlive is also far from an energy supplement

Most of those work by speeding up how the neurons in your brain communicate with each other… leading to the inevitable “crash” when their effects wear off.

…but that’s not even close to how AMPAlive works.

Instead, it rebuilds your cellular engines and gets them firing as they did in your youth.

It’s Like The Difference Between Driving
A Brand New Tesla, And
A 1996 Dodge Caravan!

AMPAlive promotes healthy weight management, and longevity, like nothing that’s come before it.

Now is there anyone who couldn’t benefit from AMPAlive?

Well, if you’re under 30, and you’re in decent shape, then there’s a good chance that your AMPK is already functioning at a high level. 

AMPK levels are highest in our youth, so AMPAlive won’t do a whole lot for cellular engines that are running how they’re supposed to.

AMPAlive may also have limited benefits if you’re one of those few people who can eat anything and not gain weight.

I believe that people like this already have an abundant supply of AMPK – likely through rare and lucky genetics. 

In fact, when we look at studies of centenarians (those lucky few who live past 100) we find strong correlations with high AMPK activation.

So while it doesn’t hurt to supplement your AMPK levels as you age, it’s unlikely that AMPAlive will deliver the same visible reductions in weight for naturally skinny people.

But if you’re like the millions of other Americans whose body is, frankly, responding to food and age the way it was supposed to, then…

Ampalive Is For You

So how can you try it today?

Well, one option is to go buy each of these ingredients on its own. Your shopping list will be…

  • Berberine HCL: the potent fat-loss accelerator and AMPK activator
  • White Kidney Bean Extract: to slow the drip of glucose into your bloodstream
  • Chromium Picolinate: to reduce food cravings and carb intake

You can find some of these ingredients on, but I think you’ll find something else.

First, many of them are under-dosed. I saw an expensive, beautifully packaged Berberine Supplement, which has a mere one-tenth of the clinical dose of Berberine HCL

Talk about buyer beware…

Second, while there are a few supplement manufacturers that I respect for their integrity – companies like Thorne and DaVinci Labs – I simply don’t trust most of the stuff I see online or in stores.

I’ve seen firsthand how they under-dose or pack their supplements with fillers or unnatural additives. It’s shameful, but because so few companies get “caught,” it’s become a common practice.

Another Option Is To Get AmpAlive From Your Doctor

I’ve begun to partner with a few cutting-edge integrative physicians around the country, and if your doctor attends the anti-aging conferences I speak at, there’s a possibility that he or she is carrying AMPAlive.

I can personally guarantee that any AMPAlive you buy from your doctor has been distributed directly from the Sun Coast Sciences warehouse, and has undergone a rigorous safety inspection.

You can expect to pay $69.95 for a one month’s supply – that is our “retail price,” and if your doctor attempts to charge you more, please contact my team and I!

But there’s one more option, and I believe it is the best one for most Americans: to order your supply of AMPAlive right now, direct from my team and I– properly dosed, impeccably produced, and tested by an independent lab for purity and safety.

And because we are “eliminating the middleman” and shipping directly from our clean Nevada warehouse, to your front door, we are able to offer a one-month supply of AMPAlive for only $49.95.

When You Buy Direct,
You’ll Pay Our Lowest Rate:
$49.95 (or less)

That’s $20 off the retail price, and I’ll also ship it to you for free. Our shipments go out daily, so you could be starting your AMPAlive treatment in just a few short days from now.

The Sun Coast Sciences team and I are also offering an unprecedented guarantee on AMPAlive – a full year.

Yes, You Have 365 Days To Give This
Magical Formula A Try,
And See How It Works For You.

In fact, once you place your order, the next thing I want you to do is to go grab a tape measure and record your waist circumference.

I know it can be daunting, but you can have confidence this time around, knowing that big changes are on the way.

And if you don’t shed inches from your waistline… even after a year of taking AMPAlive, then I want you to get in touch with me and let me know. And my team and I will happily refund you every penny of your purchase.

I don’t think that’s going to be your experience, though. 

I think it will be quite the opposite – such a remarkable change in your body composition, your energy levels, and your overall health, that you’ll want to keep taking AMPAlive every day, for the rest of your life.

That’s certainly been the feedback I’ve received so far…

…and that’s why I’m also offering a three month supply, and a six month supply, for an even bigger savings off retail price.

Now if you’re the kind of deal-hunter who can take advantage of low pricing and my guarantee, I’ve also created an “Insider” subscription program

…where you’ll automatically get new shipments every month, every three months, or for the greatest savings of all, every six months.

It’s completely optional, but please give it a hard look, because I can’t think of anything better for your health and longevity than locking in your supply of AMPAlive.

To reward those who are serious about their health, and who purchase now before this batch is sold out, the Sun Coast Sciences team and I will lock in today’s price for life… just for you… but only if you order now.

Then get ready, because…

You’re About To Become The Center
Of Some Very Positive Attention…

…as family and friends rave about how great you look.

Get ready for your doctor to ask you what you’ve done to lose those pounds and achieve those incredibly healthy blood markers… “whatever it is, keep doing it, because you actually seem to be getting younger!

(and don’t be surprised if he asks you to let him in on your secret.)

AMPAlive is the real thing for better weight management, more energy, and a long healthy life.

That’s why I believe it is working for so many people when nothing else has worked for them before.

And that’s what I expect for you, as well.

So if you want to experience the AMPALive “new lease on life”, then I urge you to click on the Next Step button and choose your package before we sell out.

You’ve been with me all the way to the end, so I know that you want this to work for you.

And since you’re serious about your health, let’s consider what could happen if you walk away, and don’t start an AMPAlive regimen.

For one thing, your AMPK supply will continue to diminish as you age. That means even more food being stored as fat

It means less energy, less vibrancy. 

It means serious cellular damage.

And if you’re also one of the millions who suffer from unwanted weight gain, you’re putting yourself at serious risk of some serious health problems – from diabetes to heart attacks, to strokes.

The data from the Center for Disease control is scary, but it’s real. Many say that this is the greatest modern threat to our national health, even greater than the opioid crisis.

I don’t want your loved ones looking on in pity, sadness, and anger.

And with health, little problems snowball quickly, especially as we age, and our AMPK levels decline.

Today, I’ve Given You Some Options To Stay Healthy As You Age

High-intensity interval training and calorie restriction are proven AMPK activators, fat burners, and life-extenders.

But I’ve also given you another option… order AMPAlive today, kickstart your AMPK and end the vicious cycle of unwanted weight gain.

It’s truly the closest thing in existence to “high-intensity exercise, and calorie restriction” in a pill, and you’ll know it’s working when you experience the surge of clean, smooth energy, in just the first day or two.

I can’t wait for you to feel what I’ve felt… to see that waistline shrinking, and to once again start bursting with the life inside you… the life that’s been crushed by unwanted weight gain.

So please click the Next Step button, and invest in your health and longevity now.

You can try one bottle, three, or six… and because you have an unconditional 365-day guarantee, you’re fully protected, no matter which option you choose. 

And if you opt in to my Insider Subscription, you’ll save an additional 10% off our lowest rates.

I’m very excited to get AMPAlive into your hands… and into your cells, working its magic. I’m absolutely certain that you are going to be ecstatic about the way it makes you look, and the way it makes you feel. And I suspect that you, too, could…

Experience The Metabolism Of A “Skinny Person”

To become a positive role model to family… and maybe even a bit of celebrity amongst friends.

And most importantly, to feel great about yourself… to know that you’ve got a simple daily habit that’s making you better every day.

I can’t wait to hear about your AMPAlive story – I know there’s a good one coming – so let’s start now.

The next chapter of your life begins on the very next page. 

All the best to you,

Dr. Mark Rosenberg



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